Monday, February 7, 2011

You Tell the Truth To the Cops & Lie in the Booth

Last few weeks have been pretty quiet. Lots of staying in due to this ungodly weather. Although. One house party had me wake up with a black guy, A week later i returned the favour and now loscho is walking around Montreal with a black eye. Babes love getting into trouble.

Happy Birthday Jerkabitch!

Hai guys lets see how drunk we can get in 15 minutes!

Getting there

Stumbled home to this pretty boy. Biggest babe since Cam to rep uptowns. Harlem in the building.

Party's at Dana's usually are pretty eventful.

Digging up my next pet cemetary.

Look hands.

Get Tricks or Die Trying
Speakers Going Hammer

Fyfe's next video part swag.

Black & Yellow, Black & Blue, White & bloody, Camo suits and timb boots.....until next time.

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